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Her internship, she said, became a trigger for that particular company to consider expansion to China, and that she is now helping them make plans for the move.

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More than students and many supporters gathered again, and I was happy to be a part of them. The program included a very energetic encouraging speech by Mr.

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Then, we listened to the stories of the students who arranged the internship in Japan, trying to match foreign students with the Japanese companies, the difficulties they had to overcome, the growth and awakening which resulted from those experiences. All the students in the venue, as well as the judges, representatives from the supporting companies, shared together this wonderful half day. Awards were also presented to the students who worked to link the supporting enterprises with the potential interns, to express appreciation to the enterprises.

Next weekend, I went to an event which was held in part to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the AIESEC Asia-Pacific Chapter, spending a marvelous time with or so young people from all parts of Asia Pacific.

In the closing speech of the second day, I commented that a true asset for them in the future, when they become the leaders of this rapidly changing, un-foreseeable world, is, for example, such experience as spending time together for a week in this camp. I can tell you, Japanese youths are working to pave their ways, just like the youths in other nations. I am truly proud of them and am looking forward to see the outcomes in the future. I hope you were able to have a glimpse of how it went by browsing through the links I have included in the text.

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My friends and I are exploring the possibilities of launching something that would offer young people in Japan to experience, even for just a short period, the free and lively atmosphere which MIT Media Lab possess. They are, for example, Galileo or Darwin, the founders of modern science, and other change makers of each age.

In our time, we have Steve Jobs , the change maker of the 20 th century. To name just a few from Japan of years ago, are Mr. Ibuka and Mr. Soichiro Honda of Honda, or Mr. Ogura of Black Cat Kuroneko Yamato. I am certain that all of those people were labeld as misfits of the society back then. In recent years follow Mr. Yanai of UniQlo, Mr. Mikitani of Rakuten, Mr. Son of Soft Bank, Mr. Niinami of Lawson, and so on. These people responded to the great quake and tsunami that hit Japan with great speed and drastic measures.

Yes, there is a lot to see in this world. I urge you to go and grasp every bit of chance to expose yourself to things that might become your great goal, or things that you will find truely exciting, things that are worth persuing with all of your passion.

The existence of this Lab is well recognized by the world for this unique character. It was last year that Mr. I, too, introduced this topic on my web site. Negroponte, the founder of the Media Lab in , also joined in this event to tell us the history of how the Japanese companies supported Media Lab. Such universities are, I think, the drive force for developing human capital that will transform the world.

Ishii , the associate director, also joined with us in this event. All speakers very passionately delivered their speech and presented their demonstrations.

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I participated in the dialogue with Joi. Then, I went back to my work at the Congressional Investigation Committee on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident, and returned again in the evening to join in the reception of the Media Lab which I enjoyed very much. Take a look and enjoy. Something inside you might change. During the past month, i. On December 8th, the nine committee members and I received the official notice of appointment at the Parliament from the Presidents of both the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors. What a big unexpected challenge I was appointed to!

I will gradually explain to you, from time to time, the various challenges this committee face, but I think the most important and great challenge is how we — the nine members and I — share the mission of this committee and perform our investigations and analysis. Every member is extremely busy with their own work, and on top of that, we have to recruit all of the administrative staffs and create rules on how to conduct this investigation as a whole. So, I had to withhold from making any comments in public until the basic rules were defined within our own committee. I hope you will understand the situation I had been in.

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