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Ovaries are the organs where eggs are produced. A bird's ovary looks like a tiny bunch of different-sized grapes.

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These "grapes" are the ova , or actually the yolks. The one ovum about to be released looks huge. One or two are about half this size, a few more are a bit smaller, and the rest of the ova are tiny. About once a day, the largest yolk is ovulated. That means it pops off the ovary and starts traveling down a tube to the outside of the robin's body. This tube is called the oviduct. Egg Formation If a female robin has mated with a male, the yolk will become fertilized. If the robin hasn't mated, the yolk still goes down the oviduct and will be laid like a normal robin egg, but it won't develop into a robin.

As the yolk travels through the oviduct, the tube's walls slowly secrete drip out watery proteins called albumen to surround the yolk. Near the end of the trip down the tube, the oviduct secretes calcium compounds. The calcium compounds will become the eggshell, but the egg will remain a bit soft until it is laid.

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You can imagine why the formation of an egg is a tremendous drain on a mother robin's body! Stopping At Four Robins usually lay four eggs and then stop. Like most birds, they lay one egg a day until their clutch is complete. If you remove one egg each day, some kinds of birds will keep laying for a long time, as if they can stop laying only when the clutch of eggs feels right underneath them. Robins normally lay four eggs. On The Nest Until they've laid a full clutch, robins allow all the eggs to stay cool so the babies don't start to develop.

That's pretty smart! It means all the babies hatch close to the same time. Mother robins may start incubating their eggs during the evening after the second egg is laid, or after all the eggs are laid. They sit on the eggs for 12 to 14 days. The female usually does all the incubating. Even in good weather, she rarely leaves her eggs for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Incubation It's mom's job to maintain the proper incubation temperature, keeping the eggs warm during cold weather and shaded during really hot weather.

She also must turn or rotate the eggs several times daily. She hops on the rim of the nest and gently rolls the eggs with her bill. Turning the eggs helps keep them all at the same temperature and prevents the babies from sticking to the insides of the eggshells. Males only occasionally sit on the eggs, but they hang out in the territory throughout the daylight hours and respond immediately if the female gives a call of alarm.

A male may even bring food to feed his mate, but usually she leaves the nest to feed herself. Some birds, like hawks and owls, lay their eggs when weather is still very cold, and start to incubate as soon as the first egg is laid. The egg they laid on the first day hatches out a day before the egg they laid on the second day, which hatches a day before the third day's egg. Therefore, the oldest baby may be a lot bigger than the smallest baby. When Cruise was cast instead, Sheen heard the news not from Stone but from his own brother, Emilio Estevez.

Sheen said he was "hurt I wouldn't have cared if Oliver had called me personally, based on what we'd been through. Stone found a nerve agent that would paralyze Cruise for a few days, and Cruise was open to the idea of using it.

But the studio's insurance company—spoil sports—nixed it. Wanting to relate to Kovic's experience as much as possible, Cruise got himself a wheelchair and role-played for weeks, even staying "in character" when doing media interviews and going to studio meetings. He also accompanied Kovic on public outings to see how a pair of paraplegics were treated. They were once asked to leave a store because their wheelchairs were leaving marks on the floor.

Shooting on location in Vietnam wasn't an option U. That's where the Mexico scenes were shot, too.

Back in ancient timesthere were pictures and words. - Saint James Studios

Kovic had been skeptical when Cruise was first cast, but was soon won over by the actor's commitment to the role and his sincerity. When the film was finished, Kovic gave Cruise his Bronze Star as a token of his admiration. The film ends at the Democratic National Convention, with Ron about to give a speech. After seeing a rough cut of the movie, Universal ordered that the scene be re-shot with a larger crowd— extras instead of the Stone had used.

In the film, Ron is shown being beaten up and arrested at an anti-war demonstration in Syracuse, New York.

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In real life, Kovic had not attended that event, which was peaceful and was not broken up by police though others were; Stone had consolidated several incidents into one. After complaints from the Syracuse Police Department, Stone reportedly sent a letter of apology in March One of the most emotional sequences in the film is when Kovic travels to Georgia to meet the parents and widow of the soldier he accidentally killed in Vietnam.

In real life, though Kovic expressed his remorse to the family publicly in his book, he never met them. Apologizing via a memoir isn't very cinematic, though, so Stone and Kovic invented a face-to-face scene. The director and star were both so enthusiastic about the film that they agreed to keep production costs low by forgoing their usual high salaries Cruise's especially in exchange for a percentage of the profits. It paid off. As you can imagine, it took a lot of work to make Born on the Fourth of July suitable for broadcast on network television.

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CBS had a version ready to air in early , barely a year after the film's theatrical debut, but called it off because of the impending Persian Gulf War. It finally aired in January Upon hearing a report earlier this week that Warner Bros.

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Author J. Rowling has dismissed the idea in the past, tweeting that a TV show would be coming "Right after the opera, Potter-on-ice and the interpretative dance version of Beedle The Bard NotActuallyHappening. Any reports are purely speculative. Just because we're not getting a TV show right now doesn't necessarily mean that it won't ever happen.

In fact, back in February, the man who played the Boy Who Lived, Daniel Radcliffe , said he thinks a reboot will happen in his lifetime, and even pitched an idea for a TV series.

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Radcliffe honed in on the quartet known as the Marauders: "A series with the older generation, that could be very cool. BY Garin Pirnia.