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Groupe Tenimana - Derao Jesosy Androy Salegy Sound tsapiky toliara (FIDA CYRILLE RUDY DIDI)

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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, January 31, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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Login Register. Getting Started About Contact Us. Analysis of the key issues in the provision of bulk electric grid services by distributed energy resource aggregations Padmanabhan, Rajaraman.

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Analysis of the key issues in the provision of bulk electric grid services by distributed energy resource aggregations. Distributed energy resources Bulk electric grids Wholesale electricity markets. The global concern for climate change and the goal for energy independence are major drivers of the deepening penetration of distributed energy resources DERs — which include renewable resources RRs , demand response resources DRRs , and energy storage resources ESRs.

However, the deepening penetration of RRs is often limited by the inability and unwillingness of bulk grid operators to expand their transmission grids.

The intermittencies associated with RRs and the exacerbated flexibility requirements are some of the key challenges that hinder their deployment. The absence of a sufficient inventory of dispatchable resources such as DRRs and ESRs integrated into bulk electric grids further aggravates these concerns.

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Therefore, there is a market shift to DERs integrated into the distribution grids for the provision of energy, capacity and ancillary services in bulk electric power systems. These resources are largely integrated into distribution grids and may participate in retail or utility programs; therefore, they represent an untapped potential at the bulk electric grid level.

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The entry of these resources as potential participants in the bulk electricity markets enhances the opportunities for clean energy utilization, broadens the scope of wholesale market competition and expands the range of customer options on their source of electricity.