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Around the time of my birth humanity seemed to be going in an expansive direction with the Moon landings, although doubt has been cast on whether that was actually achieved or what was truly found there. Interesting that the Saturn V rocket that made all the Moon shots had a 33 foot diameter and propelled its payload just beyond 33 times the speed of sound to reach escape velocity. The speed of sound in air is The weight of our atmosphere is equal to a column of water 33 feet high. The Sun is times more massive than the Earth.

The conspiracy is cosmic in scope.

New space discovery has astronomers buzzing

Apollo 17 sits poised to make the last Moon mission in Here is how Werner von Braun and Walt Disney imagined exploring the dark side of the Moon some 60 years ago. Scrub to time index 42m 45s and watch for a minute or so.

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The era of governments funding big space programs is largely over and it is now increasingly up to private enterprise to make it happen. Is America to really be a spacefaring civilization or just create cool sci-fi?

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Maybe the UK will make it happen? Another fantastic post Scott! I think thats what makes Star Trek so special, its a positive, optimistic future because most Sci-fi stories are usually apocalyptic or dystopian. Just to let you know — to a fellow trekkie…there IS a Galactic Federation.

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For a long time, we have not been allowed to join. It appears that that is changing. The projects are designed by Joe Maness and Rich Holtzin. Friday, November 22 The proposed Skylon spaceplane.

Narrative Across the pond is an innovative rocket company that toils away in relative obscurity designing a revolutionary new space launch vehicle system while being out-shined by comparable U. Using this information, a graph can be created: The horizontal axis represents the orbital altitude, and the vertical axis represents the payload weight.

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Analysis As we can see from the graph, it not only takes more propellant to go higher but to also change the inclination. So, why are we still using throwaway rockets in the 21st Century again? About the author. Related Posts. Cygnus delivers to the ISS. WISE discovers black hole duo merging together. Suggested Posts.

This book explains the technical details of precisely how all this can be accomplished within the next few decades. Matthew Bentley is a full-time private airplane pilot in America. He has studied physics, astronomy, math, engineering, German and Russian at university level, and also speaks Swedish.