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As Christian writers today, we have stories to tell and a message to convey that may not be popular in a worldly sense. We may find ourselves judged harshly for simply telling the truth. In wondering how Laura Ingalls Wilder might respond were she here to defend herself and her writing, she might take her own advice from this gem of a quote:.

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Prairie Wisdom

Be honest and truthful —Write accurate details when sharing your own story, no matter how messy or unpopular. Historical fiction must ring true to the time and setting, too. Make the most of what you have —Mrs. Wilder never envisioned herself as a great writer.

Laura Ingalls Wilder on Wisdom and Virtues

The Little House books started as a memoir she wrote in her 60s in longhand on lined paper. Her daughter Rose, a gifted author and journalist, acted as a gatekeeper into the publishing world and collaborator on the books typing them up and helping in the editing process. Be happy with simple pleasures —Living and working through the day to day chores on her beloved farm with her husband, Almanzo, enjoying friends and family, and supporting the Methodist church life where she worshipped made up the lion share of Mrs.

Simple pleasures are a tonic to worldly cares.

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Even so, the character of the American pioneer instilled itself deep within her makeup from childhood. Resilience, courage, and perseverance led the way. So, too, as she continued to write her story through the World War II years in the s, her books reminded America of their liberties and pride in their country and a history worthy to defend and protect in dangerous times.

The Little House Book of Wisdom by Laura Ingalls Wilder () | LoveReading4Kids

Journal Prompt: Are you bold enough to write from a foundation of accurate truth in its historical setting even though it may be perceived as unacceptable for one reason or another in the current time? How can you steel yourself to be a bold, fearless writer of truth, making the most of what you have with a happy heart undergirded with courage?

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    Connect with Miss Kathy on Facebook. Thomas Nelson has a little series of books that they have recently published by Laura Ingalls Wilder. They have taken excerpts that Laura wrote from various pieces between the years of and and put them in a new collection. This collection of writings focus on topics of interest to young and old!

    There are excerpts from writings talking about tact vs. It is fairy advice, you know, and savors of magic, so following it we will ride with the fairies of good fortune and so safely over. Then we accept the challenges and difficulties the task presents — but the rewards in such instances are great indeed.


    There are few people who I would imagine are unfamiliar with the Little House on the Prairie series. It is a part of American History and American Literature.

    They are fast, but fun reads wherein you can feel like you are visiting with an old friend and catching up on the latest aspects of their life and thoughts, plans and dreams. This is not Laura of the prairie but Laura of an ever changing society that is writing in these volumes. A curiosity read? A comfort read? Take your pick!