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Walkabout: Life As Holy Spirit

Hypothetically a sort of late in life Jack Kerouac adventure. What I experienced was different from that, but, nevertheless, it was a refreshing and enlivening as a dip in a mountain spring.

My reaction to "going walkabout" was not dissimilar to Jack Kerouac, who says in On The Road , "I was surprised, as always, by how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility. Unlike Jack Kerouac or an Aboriginal boy, I am no longer a young man.

But the principle is the same. In contemporary terms "going walkabout" is a form of radical mindfulness, an attempt to balance the soul. It is perhaps much like what Silicon Valley executives hope to find at Burning Man each summer, but solitary, not a communal, tribal celebration.

Everyday mindfulness is essential to healthy, living entrepreneurship--everything from meditation, exercise, regular physical breaks, therapy, to simply remembering to breathe. Bill Gates takes a month every year to simply be with himself alone in the Washington woods. But sometimes everyday mindfulness is simply not enough. We may need a radical newness, a deeper break from routine.

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We may actually need to clean out our augean stables of emotional dross and habitual identity by opening to a totally new ambience, a more radical mindfulness of letting go of formal identity and an allowance of space for the totally unexpected--an allowance for being reborn. A chosen walkabout is very different from just traveling. For me it is an attempt to be radically alone, yet radically open to the world at the same time. Did I succeed at this paradoxical task? Well, yes and no.

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What I did was this: I traveled about 5, miles by car in just over a month. They have been high caliber students, highly motivated, and determined.

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Their performance has done much to insure the success of the program. How It Works Linworth seniors who have met graduation requirements may use all or a portion of the second semester to test their skills and abilities in the adult world of work. Praise for the Walkabout Program We have had three Walkabout students in our bio-tech lab.

In many ways, his life has been one long walkabout.

Chapter 14 – Journey’s End

Adopting this curious outlook, I took it into my daily life. With this new way of being, living became a rich tapestry, woven one step at a time as I explored the world from a more conscious perspective. I discovered that the world we live in is filled with amazing encounters — if we just stay conscious.

In practicing these daily walkabouts, I received a far more precious gift than a just some exercise.

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So here is a way to weave it into your everyday life. Start out with a clear intention. My walkabout intention is to see, experience and be present to whatever gifts the universe is offering today. I actively look and listen for what the universe is showing me.