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Surely her father is writing coded letters and if Rosalie could read them herself, she could decode them and carry on with her next secret mission. She carries on and makes great advances. But as she begins to peace together the secret signs and symbols; the words in her fathers' letters; she learns of the harsh reality of war and how her world has changed forever.

It invites us into a tale about hope, longing, grief and peace that is powerful, yet quiet and thoughtful. The flowing, minimal language navigates through Rosalies' vision of the world around, revealing the innocence, inquisitiveness and sense of adventure at the heart of the child. Arsenaults' illustrations are emotive and set the mood perfectly with their fresh drawing technique, ingenious detail and limited colour palette. The red hues used for Rosalie herself help her character shine forth and sing, bringing beauty, attention and a hint of drama unfolding elsewhere, and that which is about to unfold in her life.

As we remember the centenary of the end of the First World War, many exceptional childrens' books have appeared with this dreadful moment in time at their core. This little book stands head and shoulders above them all. Exquisite, heart-wrenching, and unforgettable It seeks to help his child remember the wonderful times they had together and to remind his child of the deep bond; the love they shared.

And it does exactly that so beautifully. Sadly, there are so many children who lose their parents while they are only young. Preparing them for the moment that Mum or Dad are no longer there is one of the most difficult conversations a parent could ever have. These are things we don't want to talk about This book serves as a reminder, but also to show the child there are so many other people surrounding them that will help them, nurture them and be there for them.

But it will be okay.

Squeak Street Series Books 1 - 5 - Emily Rodda Five 5 new softcover books

An extraordinary picture book, filled with love, comforting words in simple, poetic verse, this is such a moving and comforting book. The illustrations are charming and inclusive. I can't think of a better book to help families facing all the challenges that bereavement brings, it is timeless, evocative, moving and flowing with positivity and reassurance. People of Peace contains forty great examples of men and women through history who have dedicated their lives to creating a better world.

From the early s to the present day, each page features an historical figure, giving a concise outline of their lives and activities in human rights, environmentalism and peace making. The addition of the timeline at the back of the book demonstrates that the quest for peace and rights is an ongoing one. There are a few problems with this book. And it could have been more inclusive, giving more representation People of Peace is a fascinating, educational book and a sparkling introduction for children and adults alike that is bound to encourage consideration and discussion.

A wonderful one to read together! This contemporary narrative of a classic fairy tale favourite not only gives a new look to the story. Little Red has an overdue library book and it must be returned today! On her way, she encounters her familiar foe, the Big Bad Wolf.

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The Wolf hurries off with a wicked plan, but Red strays from her path and wanders around in her reading for a bit. A new ending is created… and they all live happily ever after. Focusing on the magic of reading and the importance of creative play in stories, this is a joy of a picture book. The clever rhyming text leads the reader through a colourful landscape of woodland and daydreams. It is alive with rhythm and texture, fun and drama; and places the reader where they belong… in the heart of it all.

The detail in the illustrations offers the opportunity to imagine different journeys and a variety of outcomes not just in this story, but in all books. A truly enchanting book, it will appeal greatly to even the youngest. Benji and Bel are on the beach when they spot a strange creature. It is a rare dugong; a sea cow!

If HELLO NEIGHBOR was Realistic

The more she tries to prove her point, the more Benji insists she is a mermaid. But there is one more surprise in store. Could the dugong be a mermaid after all? Humorous and appealing, this picturebook embarks on a journey to the borderlands between imagination and reality, while simultaneously creating an awareness of kindness, perception and the environment.

The warm, whimsical illustrations paint an animated world, abundant in texture, colour and difference. A tropical vision of island and sea unfolds and swells the further into the book you dive. The story is charming and filled with meaning as the children are gently exposed to ideas of self-identity and differing points of view. There is a heartfelt understanding and expression of the culture of children and the reader enters into their world and sees it through their eyes. But primarily, it is simply an enchanting and fanciful adventure that encourages the reader to look closer and be filled with wonder.

Gentle and captivating, this is a book that will delight everyone. Drew Daywalt reveals the gripping and hilarious story behind the all-too-familiar childhood game in a book that is sure to become a favourite with everyone. In the Kingdom of Backyard, Rock has emerged as an undefeated champion among many fearsome foes. Yet he is unfulfilled. Hill, about two contemporary girls who travel to the future. Moore poem with an underwater setting; and Hunter Moran Saves the World by Patricia Reilly Giff, a middle-grade novel about a large, rambunctious family.

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Graphia can take the heat with Scorch by Gina Damico, second in a darkly humorous series about a teenage grim reaper; Dead Is a Killer Tune by Marlene Perez, in which Jessica and the other viragos must find out who is behind the haunting music compelling people to commit crimes; The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle, a dystopian tale set in an Amish community; and A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin, part of a relaunch of the classic Earthsea Cycle. Meyer, a journey to Spain, and a celebration of the 10th anniversary of this series; and Princess in Training by Tammi Sauer, about an unconventional princess who likes to wear pink but also likes skateboarding and moat swimming.

Beck, illus.

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Cleary, illus. Little, Brown channels Dr.

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We mainly sell remaindered books. Often when a new title is going to be released, the publishers can only guess at how many of that title they are going to sell. A lot of the time their guess is wrong and print too many. They send the books out to regular bookstores and department stores and they sit on the shelf waiting to be purchased. Eventually the popularity of that title will wane and those books will just be taking up valuable room. The retailer would obviously prefers to fill the shelf space with newer titles that they hope will sell better.

After a certain amount of time the bookseller is able to pack up the remaining copies and send them back to the publishers for a refund. The publishers suddenly find themselves with a lot of books that the regular booksellers no longer want to stock, and they are left with two options - either destroy the books or resell them at a discounted price. In most cases the publishers would rather resell them to bookstores like us!

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